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HBO Films Picks Up O.G. Starring Jeffrey Wright

The Westworld actor portrays a maximum-security prison inmate on the verge of being released.

On the heels of its 2018 Tribeca Film Festival premiere, O.G., starring Jeffrey Wright, has been acquired by HBO Films for a 2019 premiere.

Directed by Emmy-winner Madeleine Sackler (The Lottery, HBO’s upcoming documentary It's a Hard Truth Ain't It), O.G. follows Louis (Wright), a maximum-security prison inmate on the cusp of release from a sentence he’s served for the last 24 years. His impending release is upended when he takes new arrival Beecher (Theothus Carter), who is being courted by gang leadership, under his wing. Coming to grips with the indelibility of his crime and the challenge of reentering society, Louis finds his freedom hanging in the balance as he struggles to save Beecher.

O.G. also stars William Fichtner (Crash, Entourage), Boyd Holbrook (The Predator, Narcos), and Mare Winningham (American Horror Story) and was filmed on location at Indiana’s maximum-security Pendleton Correctional Facility. Sackler’s documentary, It's a Hard Truth Ain't It, was also shot at Pendleton during the same production. The documentary is co-directed by Sackler and 13 men incarcerated at Pendleton, who study filmmaking as a vehicle to tell their own stories. Several of these men were also cast as first-time actors in O.G.

The film is written by Emmy-nominee Stephen Belber (HBO’s The Laramie Project), and is an HBO Films and Maven Pictures Presentation in association with Brookstreet Pictures, a Great Curve Films production of a Madeleine Sackler film. Sackler, Boyd Holbrook, Trudie Styler, Celine Rattray, Nick Gordon, Trevor Matthews, Stephen Belber and Ged Dickersin serve as producers. Sharon Chang, Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Mark Steele and Nic Marshall are executive producers.


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